What kind of leather jacket does Indiana Jones wear?

Indiana Jones Jackets

In the 1989 film Indiana Johnson and the Last Campaign, Ford wore this brown lambskin leather jacket. Harrison Ford’s first Indy jacket was designed and made by Movies jackets, and now we’re selling it to the public.

Each jacket is shipped with a signature label and certificate of authenticity certifying that it is a faithful reproduction made from original patterns that have been fit-adjusted and toughened up for everyday wear. Movies jackets have stock in various standard sizes and skins, and we also make jackets to order.

Based on the style of the A-2 bomber jacket, Indiana Jones’s jacket had side pleats and no cuffs to give him more freedom of movement. Each time, the jacket had different details.

Neil Cooper came up with the idea for the Indiana Jones jacket, a mix of different styles. It mixes the A-2 and the G-1, both famous military leather jackets.

Compared to the other franchise films, the Raiders jacket is the shortest and lightest. Its design also makes Ford look more significant than he was by giving him broader shoulders. That made the shoulder seams hang lower than they would on a regular leather jacket. That gave the jacket the look of having “droopy shoulders.” That is one reason why the jacket was loose and baggy. Because of the high temperatures, you can reach during filming both on location; the jacket worn by Raiders was manufactured of a lightweight lambskin.

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