Aladdin Purple Cotton Vest

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Adult Purple Aladdin Cotton Vest For Mens

Aladdin is an American drama series, based on the genre of live-action, animated musical fantasy movie produced by Walt Disney.

Aladdin: The Evergreen Story From The Arabia Nights

The drama is based on the very famous tale series which originated in the Middle East called One thousand and One Nights or The Arabian Nights. But, Aladdin was later added to the story by Frenchman Antoine Galland, who took the tale from Maronite Christian writer Antun Yousaf Hanna Diyab.

Aladdin is the name of a street child who happens to live in the Arabian city of Agrabah and lives wandering from one town to another. He has a monkey, always with him, who?s his best friend.

Aladdin And The Princess

Aladdin meets Princess Jasmine, who is a royal girl that has fled from her palace because her father wants her to marry a royal man, her suitor, Prince Anders, whom she doesn?t like. Then there?s a treacherous character in the story as well. The Grand Vizier, called Jafar, has his eyes set on the throne and wants to finish Jasmine?s father.

There?s a Jinn Called Genie: But He?s Funny!

There?s another side to the story which is that there?s a magical lamp in one of the caves of Arabia, and Jasmine asks Aladdin to impress her by fetching the lamp, which he does by entering the cave and freeing a flying carpet which helps him find the lamp. And, later the Genie from the lamp, played by Will Smith, gives Aladdin three wishes that he can fulfill for him.

Aladdin Wears An Awesome Vest

Aladdin wears a lovely and exotic vest, which serves as his trademark. The vest is in high demand by the public ever since the release of this new Aladdin movie.

Aladdin Purple Cotton Vest is the vest from Aladdin, and it?s made of cotton and has a viscose lining which makes it warm and comfortable. The design is collarless, and the closure is open style. There are no pockets. The color of the vest is purple. So if you?re an Aladdin fan, grab the vest now!


  • Movie: Aladdin
  • Worn By Aladdin


  • Material: Cotton
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Collar: Collarless Design
  • Closure: Open Style Closure
  • Pockets: No Pockets
  • Color: Purple

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Aladdin Purple Cotton Vest

$149.00$395.00 (-62%)

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